14 December, 2007

I know I keep promising to come back and my head is full of posts (though this has always been true much more than it’s been true that I’ve had a blog full of posts) but I have to be realistic. I got an ear tube inserted, had a CT scan of my sinuses earlier this week, still can’t hear completely or consistently. My bad ear is popping incessantly. There’s a new kitten in the household. My computer hasn’t been fixed yet, though I’ve got new plans in that regard. I’m going to go away through the end of the year and come back shiny and new, or at least patched-together and functioning. Then I’ll restart with a mission and make this place what I want it to be. Thanks for sticking it out.


2 Responses to “honestly!”

  1. telmcg Says:

    I can’t handle this deceit any longer. Honestly!?!? Indeed! Excuse me whilst I slip into a cathartic Jonesin’ mode.

  2. Rose Says:

    Listen, I’m supposed to get an update this Wednesday on when my computer will ship. When it gets here, I’ll get here more regularly. Promise!

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